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Mark Clarke

Many of these song demos were co-produced and co-performed with Peter Chant




The songs on this site were written by Mark Clarke and are produced as demos. Many of these songs were co-produced and co-performed with Peter Chant who contributed much to the songs in the process of playing most of the instruments and co-creating arrangements.

The production of these songs date as far back as the late 80's and up to recent times. The songs were produced on recording equipment ranging from 4 track stereo reel to reel to 8 track digital audio tape to modern day digital recording software including MIDI .

The songs range from complete arrangements to simple unplugged solo acoustic. They are mainly an attempt by Mark Clarke to externalise, the best he can, the many songs he has written. Mark Clarke invites other performers to perform and record his songs and if you are interested please go to the contact page.